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We enable tourists to accumulate their spending throughout their stay and pay in a lump sum at the end of the trip.

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Rs. 2,993 spent at Maggie's

Current Tab Value: Rs. 27,881


You can put all your local payments in Avendi tab

While shopping or dining at your travel destination, do not worry about withdrawing cash or feeling nervous about using your credit card abroad. Use Avendi and put all your payments on the tab during your stay. Simply pay that final tab balance at once before going back home.

Your Tab Total

Rs. 27,881

You Need to Pay

SGD 230,97

Local service discovery and payment in one platform


Discover Local Services

Discover trending local services curated by local experts and fellow travelers. In addition to the direction and reviews, you can access exclusive deals and discounts for Avendi users.


Scan to checkout

At the cashier, scan the QR code and checkout. The billed amount will be added to your avendi tab, and you can walk out of the store without paying. Pretty cool, right?


Settle the tab

At the end of your stay, pay the total tab amount using your preferred currency - yes, simply pay all at once while benefiting from discounts and cash-back.


Easy to get started, easier to manage.


For Travelers


Cheaper Fees

You usually spend up to 15% in roundtrip exchange fees, which is pretty high. With us, you only pay the rate thats shown on your google search.


Cashless Experience

No need to worry about withdrawing cash, lining up at the money exchange, or end up with foreign currencies that you cannot use at home.


Discounts and more

Discover trending local stores and access amazing discounts and offers. With our experts curating local services, you can truly travel like a local.

For Merchants


Easy to Set Up

Local services and stores can set up Avendi within 15 min. We offer both a standalone model as well as integration with the POS.


Direct Access to Tourists

Tourists spend on average 1.5-4x more than local customers. With Avendi stores can customize offers to attract more tourists directly.

We’re currently in Beta.

Avendi is now accessible to guests at our partner hotels. We are going live for everyone soon!

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Frequently asked questions

Currently, our application is available for guests at our partner hotels. Guests will be able to access the app after logging in to the hotel wifi, or they will receive specific instructions at the time of check-in.

As of now, you can use Avendi at any merchants listed on the application. In addition, you can click on “nearby merchants” to view the list of stores and restaurants that you can use Avendi to checkout.

You can either select the merchant and enter the payment amount or scan the QR code at the cashier counter (or at your table in the restaurant) and follow the instruction. Don’t worry; you’ll get a 15 seconds tutorial on using it right after opening our app.

Just go to your app, tap on the balance, and hit on “pay the balance” button. Avendi accepts all major credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, China Union Pay & JCB.

While paying your Avendi tab balance, you have the option to pay using (1) home currency or (2) local currency. In the case of (1), the mid-market rate will apply with no hidden commission. The benefit of this is that you will not be charged a foreign transaction fee or currency exchange fee by the bank or card issuers. However, in case you choose (2), then applicable fees by your banks or card issuers will be applied.

No. There are no service fees or hidden commissions for travelers using Avendi.


Experience Now, Pay Later

Do what you love, explore places that excite you, make memories with friends or your loved ones. But, whatever you do, don’t worry about managing foreign currencies while traveling. It’s special - this pandemic has taught us that.