Physical Menu: They are now a thing of the past.

Yes, most of us are having to do away with our visually appealing menu. The pandemic has accelerated the move towards a contactless lifestyle, and printing a menu for every guest is not a sustainable option. So what can we do? Let’s go digital, and make it more interactive!



Scan the QR on the table.


Choose Menu Type

Want an interactive menu or just a simple photo of the menu?



Made up your mind? Order just the way you did before.

COVID-19 has changed the world. It will not be practical to reuse the physical menu, sanitizing it after each use. With a chatbot based digital menu, customers can browse through the appealing selection of your food & drinks in a more interactive way.

Interactive Menu

An interactive menu which is visually appealing.

Presentation is the key to sales. Our interactive menu is informative, allowing customers to understand more about the food before ordering.

Want to keep it simple?

Start with a photo menu.

Directly receive feedback from your guest.

Guests may find it awkward to provide constructive criticism in person. Hence they have no choice but to display their feedback on review sites. Our menu bot allows guest to provide direct feedback. You can focus on improving the service from next time onwards - without worrying about the ratings on review sites.


"I found the integration quick and seamless. It makes it easier for me to showcase our pizza even better than before."

- Sandy, Owner, Vera Pizza

Moral of 2020: COVID Sucks!

This is a tough time. That’s why it’s free.

Asked Question

Here are few questions asked by our clients.

How do I upload the menu?

Please signup and login to the Restaurant Panel. You will be guided to upload the menu from the home screen of the dashboard. For the Interactive Menu Bot, you need to upload each menu data from the Interactive Menu Bot in the Restaurant Panel.

What if my customers do not have Facebook messenger?

Do not worry! Once users scan the QR code, they will receive an option to either view the menus on the browser in a picture format or start the interactive menu bot on Facebook messenger. Hence, those without messengers can view the menu as well.

I have many items on the menu - is there an easier way to upload every item?

Yes! We have a dedicated team working round the clock to assist you on that for a one time fee of $49. We will ensure that everything is ready within 1~2 days. Please purchase this add-on from the restaurant panel.

Where do I get the QR code?

Once you sign up and activate the menu, our team will reach out to you via email. In the email, you will receive QR code(s) and instructions on best practices.