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Engage your guests better.

Our AI concierge hits the right touchpoints at the right time. Boost engagement with your guests within the hotel & beyond.

Build a perfect engagement.

Our AI analyses various customer touchpoints to maximise customer satisfaction & life-time value. The more we give, the better we get. 😎


Integrate and engage your guests through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and multiple other channels.


We’ll customize the UX and features to suit your processes and maximise profit.

Simple Integration

No coding or engineering necessary. Our integration is easy.

Non-Stop Support

Our tech support team is available 24/7 to respond to your requests. No fuss. No down time.

Seamless ordering experience.

Your guests no longer need to be in their hotel room to order room service. Make the experience intuitive.

Cashless or not?

The choice is yours.

Increase ancillary services on offer.

Whether it is a spa booking or outdoor excursion, provide engaging content for guests to choose from.

Offer 100s of activities,

verified by your team.

Perfect concierge, accessible 24/7.

Avendi’s concierge service allows your guest to explore up-to-date city guides, curated by local experts. Let us help them travel like a local.

Promote hotel venues

With coupons & deals.
Our City Guides provide relevant and up-to-date content for your city.
Events, sights, activities, bars, restaurants and more.

At your guest’s fingertips, curated and updated by locals.



Influencers in our network of Asian cities!



Travelers served with our local concierge service.



Satisfaction rate from our concious travelers.

Asked Question

Here are few questions asked by our clients.

Do guests have to download an app for this service?

No. They do not have to download any additional app. They can just send a message to your hotel’s registered account on messenger platforms. We can cater for major platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram or we could customize it for your in house platform as well.

Can our guests pay for internal services using Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Absolutely! Please contact our sales team in regards to integrating payment for chat interaction that enables transactions. In addition to cash payments, our platform can also accept Credit/Debit card payments as well as PayPal.

Are the guest's personal data safe?

Yes. As we integrate our platform on various messaging platforms, we have to go through multiple audits before deploying. In addition, all the user activities are connected to our dashboard with a specific login for hotel clients.

How long does your integration process take?

It depends on the scope of the contract. For a Basic plan, total integration could be completed in 2 working days. However, for the Enterprise plan, we can expect anywhere between 7~10 working days for complete integration.

Do you provide an account for us to update contents?

Yes. We will be providing you with an admin panel where you can upload the latest content. For Premium Plans, we provide dedicated access to our 24/7 support, in which our team would update contents as per your requirements.

How do the 6-weeks full refund policy work?

We provide a 6-weeks full refund for customers who sign up for an annual contract. Customers who are not satisfied with our service have a 6-weeks window to cancel the contract and receive a full refund.

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