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Having stayed inside for over half the year, saying that our lifestyles have changed is an understatement. From how we buy to how we work and how we learn, everything is different then what it was back in early 2019. This is particularly true in the hotel industry, where a complete rethink of service offerings and marketing strategies has been a necessity. As consumers and guests, our changing needs are creating new opportunities for savvy hotels, and one market providing opportunity is domestic employees in remote working roles. 

With everyone needing to stay inside, our schools and offices have moved in with us too. Though locked in for safety,  technology has given most of us a chance to continue learning and working. Though not ideal, society has learned to live with it. Making our homes our entire worlds – offices, living spaces, schools – took some getting used to, and getting into new routines takes time. Now that it’s been 8 months, people are looking for a change; some sort of safe vacation to recharge would do the trick. This is where hotels can provide value to their customers and make a space available where people can enjoy their stay and not leave their work behind. 

For employees, having work sessions through video communication sites like Zoom or Skype makes it easier for people to work from any place, anytime. The same goes for studying. This gives us an opportunity to travel and not miss out on our important tasks. We can work from home, cafes or any staycation of our choice. As long as there’s an internet connection, we can work from anywhere. Hotels can use this new-found freedom among their audiences to create working environments inside their properties. Hotels tend to focus on relaxing; now there’s an opportunity to capture a new market segment – the working stay-cationers.

For remote families, kids are often learning on Zoom too, making short family getaways possible. If hotels are able to convince parents that both they and their children can tend to work and study with reliable internet and spaces in which to operate, the domestic family market may be eager to travel and stay in new places. Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita is doing just that by introducing their new Knowledge For All Seasons Programs. They encourage learning remotely with their new program with features like:

  • Tech hotlines
  • Study buddy programs
  • After-school classes focusing on art, culture, and history to encourage learning through travel.

This is an excellent approach to help children have fun on their family staycation whilst keeping up with their schooling. Parents also get to enjoy their time at the resort, getting their own work done with the available tech support. Making an offer to these new market segments is only possible if the hotels can provide excellent connections, technical support as well as space to safely and productively work. Since city tours or traditional travel activities are not a possibility right now, this is the closest people can get to traveling and getting a break. Hotels, staycations could be the escape people crave for right now. It’s safe, convenient, and entertaining at the same time; three things everyone is looking for right now.

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